Bird City Banks - 1900's


The Bird City Bank began in 1906 with R. S. Heinrick, some businessmen and farmers.


In 1908, the officers were R. S. Heinrick, president, G. W. Wolf, Vice President and C. A. Butler, cashier.


In 1910, C. A. Butler, G. A. Kemdt and C. D. Kemdt were the directors.


In 1914, C. W. Trickett, J. H. Anderson, Nellie Anderson and C.

A. Trickett were the directors.


On April 22, 1926, the Bird City Bank merged with the Farmers' State Bank. This gave Bird City only one bank. The directors of the Bird City Bank were Henry Greisler, J. A. Anderson, Leroy Howk and William Burr with Bertha Kemdt, cashier. The officers of the Farmers' State Bank were Henry Weaver, President, John E. Kite, Vice President and A. E. Nichols, Cashier.


On April 4, 1928, the merged Farmers' State Bank was closed by order of the directors, as announced by Mr. Eagle, examiner, as banks were closing all over the country.






In 1929, for many months, Bird City was without a bank.


Story revealed by E. L. Bacon:  "In seeking a location for the opening of a bank, I visited many towns in Kansas and Oklahoma. In deciding upon Bird City, I felt that here I should find the greatest opportunity both to serve my patrons and to make my personal success. I felt that both Mrs. Bacon and I were going to be very happy in our new location."     E. L. Bacon


Mr. Adolph Kotas, editor of the Bird City Times gives the new bank a great write up in the November 7, 1929 issue. "His assistant, Edgar Robertson is a quiet but very pleasant fellow. We know that under their management -the Security State Bank will grow. They have capital of $20,000.00 and surplus of $2,000.00




Later James A. Hanley and Mae B. Hanley were to join the bank as officers and directors.


"The Security State Bank continued to serve Bird City with officers in 1986, Edgar Robertson, President, Rosemary Griffin, Cashier and Martin Burton, Assistant Cashier, Jane Young and Susan Underwood, bookkeepers.  The Directors were Edgar Robertson, Rosemary Griffin, G. M. Kruse, Willis Burr, Marvin Burr and Barnabas Horton." Article by Minnie Busse in the Bird City Times, July 26, 1984, containing additional notes by Edgar Robertson.















The Security State Bank and The First National Bank merged on March 22, 2002.

Sources:  E. L. Bacon, Mae Hanley, Edgar Robertson in the Bird City Times and Cheyenne County History Book.


Additional note:  When E. L. Bacon arrived in the summer of 1929, he found the building already constructed with banking fixtures in boxes and crates.  He purchased the building and the fixtures, but as of 2011, it is unknown who actually constructed the building or from whom it was purchased.


From the collection of Dorthy L. Mast, May 2, 2011

Interior of The Bird City Bank Early 1920's
Security State Bank Building 1940's
The Bird City Bank Early 1925