Pictures of Bird City Kansas 1885 to 1900

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Bird City
July 4, 1885
Celebrating the completion of the center well

Bird City

Building on to Shahan & Son
Hardware, Implements & Harness

From The Cheyenne County Citizen

The Pioneer Store

April 13, 1889 - Cheyenne County Democrat
May 16, 1889 - Bird City News
Dec 18, 1886 - Cheyenne County Democrat
Bessie Woods and Lena Byers in Buggy. Gus J Kerndt Standing by post About 1895.

Interior of The Pioneer Store

Workers building a new building

C.W. Trickett Lumber and Coal

Bird City Hotel 1886 to 1888 then Pioneer Hotel 1888 to ?

Mar 23, 1887 - The Frontiersman
Jan 9, 1890 - Bird City News

Main St. (now 4th) looking East

Main St. (now 4th) looking West

p 094.jpg

Birds Eye View

Main St. (now 4th) looking East

Kerndt Bros 1885

Oct 16, 1886 - Bird City News
Nov 20, 1886 - Cheyenne County Democrat
Nov 10, 1887 - Bird City News

W.D. Bradley Former M.E. Brown & Co,
Land Office and Printing Office

June 21, 1888 - Bird City News

Railroad June 21, 1888

June 21, 1888 - Bird City News

Piles of corn after harvest

Homestead north of Bird City 1895

Max family residence

CB&O Railroad Station
Bird City

IOOF Building