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The Mystery of the Past

The Mystery of the Past is an eight issue collection of Northwest Kansas history.  These were made available to the Cheylin Schools in 2012.


Volume I, Issue I-III     The Native Americans

Volume I, Issue IV-V    The Early Cattleman

Volume I, Issue VI-VIII  The Landseekers


Each of the members of the Bird City Historical Association chose categories about which to write for these booklets.  Some of the categories that were included in these booklets are:  Out of the Past, Craft Corner, The Photo Place, the Mystery Sleuth, Keepsakes, Map Quest, Poetry Corner, the Book Corner, Pieces of History, Items of Historical Interest and included in one of these was the 1880 United States Federal Census of Cheyenne County.

Click on the PDF icon for each issue and it will take you to the document.

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