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Rosemary Griffin


Rosemary Griffin was a dedicated member of the staff at           The Security State Bank for many years of her life. Edgar Robertson and Rosemary jointly owned Robertson & Griffin Insurance, which was located in The Security State Bank.


Rosemary was the daughter of Ollie Griffin, who brought his family to Bird City from St. Paul, Nebraska. Ollie and his wife owned Griffin Lumber on Bird Avenue, and acquired farm ground through foreclosures on debts owed to the lumberyard.


After her parents’ death, Rosemary purchased the beautiful family home and five quarters of farm ground. She was extremely proud of her yard and farming interests.


Rosemary was a long-time Republican and attended many political gatherings. She enjoyed traveling the world and playing golf. Edgar Robertson and Rosemary Griffin both enjoyed baseball and playing the stock market with the help of friend Dr. Stout in Benkelman.

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