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The Security State Bank


The community of Bird City was without a bank for many months prior to the opening of The Security State Bank by E.L. Bacon on November 1, 1929.


Starting a bank at the beginning of the Big Depression was an awesome challenge. On occasion, E.L. would take money out of the vault and pile it on a table behind the tellers. The customers would actually see “their” money – a positive way of maintaining confidence during this difficult period.


The Original Family Officers:

E.L. Bacon, Chairman and President

J.A. Hanley, Vice President

Edgar Robertson, Cashier

Oma Bacon, Assistant Cashier

Mae Bacon Hanley, Assistant Cashier


Short Team Staff:

LeRoy Bacon

Herb Bacon


Family Banking Tree:

E.L. and Oma Bacon

J.A. and Mae Bacon Hanley

E.L. and Mae – Brother and Sister

Edgar Robertson – Cousin of E.L. and Mae

 LeRoy and Herb Bacon - Sons of E. L. and Oma Bacon


Note - Herb Bacon related the information that his father E. L. Bacon purchased the lot 13, Block 29 along with the building and the fixtures still in boxes in October, 1929.


We were unable to find a listing of staff or employees through the years.


E. L. Bacon, Oma Bacon, J. A. Hanley, Mae Bacon Hanley and Edgar Robertson developed a banking service for the community of Bird City with dedication and contribution.   Edgar Robertson gave 72 years of service to the patrons and community with financial guidance and advice, even sometimes with a sage sense of humor, but always kind.


In 1980, the officers of the Security State Bank were:      

Edgar Robertson, President 

Rosemary Griffin, Cashier

Martin Burton, Cashier Assistant

Jane Young and Susan Underwood, Bookkeepers.

Directors were:    

Edgar Robertson, Rosemary Griffin, G. M. Kruse, William Burr, Marvin Burr, Barnahan Horton.


Rosemary Griffin was a dedicated member of the staff of the

Security State Bank for many years of her life.


Martin Burton joined the staff in 1980 and served until 2002 when the Security State Bank merged with the First National Bank and he was retained by that bank for several additional years.

The Security State Bank building was purchased jointly by Bird City Century II Development Foundation and the Bacon Family Foundation on April 13, 2011.

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