The Security State Bank


The community of Bird City was without a bank for many months prior to the opening of The Security State Bank by E.L. Bacon on November 1, 1929.


Starting a bank at the beginning of the Big Depression was an awesome challenge. On occasion, E.L. would take money out of the vault and pile it on a table behind the tellers. The customers would actually see “their” money – a positive way of maintaining confidence during this difficult period.


The morning of June 29, 1931, The Security State Bank was robbed. E.L. Bacon, Art Hanley, Edgar Robertson, and LeRoy Bacon (E.L.’s son), were tied up at gunpoint by a masked bandit. At  9 o’clock sharp, the robber untied Edgar’s hands and feet and placing two revolvers against his back ordered him to open the vault and then the safe. After placing a package of currency in his shirt, he ordered Edgar and the others into the vault, and the vault door closed. The men soon after escaped from the vault, but the robber was gone. Chester Morris and Elzie Harmon were arrested later that day as suspects in The Security State Bank robbery.


The Security State Bank and First National Bank merged on

March 22, 2002.